How to define your personal value proposition

Let’s now see how you can define your personal value proposition in an easy, effective and concise way along with an example: # 1 Define who your customer segments are Just as when a company creates a product or a service, it does so for a specific segment of customers, your resume should be oriented […]

Why is it important to create a resume?

The number one reason to have a resume is to provide general information about you for the future employer. Also, if you do not have a list of your personal or professional contacts on your resume, then how will an employer contact you? This information must be current. Make sure your phone number is on […]

Good Resumes

The first filter when choosing a person to be called to an interview is the correct presentation of the background. When faced with the search for a job, a series of steps must be followed, which must be done carefully so as not to incur some “small” error that eventually becomes the great cause why […]


As we mentioned in the previous section, a resume is your letter of introduction to the company that you choose in your job search. Personnel managers will find your CV as the first reference and, therefore, the importance of a good resume is that presenting a poor resume or a good resume can make a […]