10 tips to improve your search for employment

Digitalize your CV

We’ve all heard about the digital revolution, so think about what you can improve on your CV and adapt it to the digital format. The traditional method reminds us of the proper way to show that we have the skills and experience necessary for the position, but you can always add a link to your website, LinkedIn, or personal blog where several reviews of your expertise in a specific area are displayed. Adding links at the end of your CV will help you stand out – always make sure that the links are of quality, and related to the position, of course.

Keep both your online and offline profile updated

Selection experts will find you on the online channel, so make sure they have access to your CV digitally. Any discrepancy between the two CVs will be a bad signal, be sure. As if it were very difficult questions, failure here can mean exclusion from the process.

Open to work for projects

With companies looking to cover flexible positions and with professionals looking to expand their experience and network of contacts, working for projects is an option to consider.

Applies to realistic charges

This expression is understood as the fact of focusing on what we are prepared for simply saving time for both the person seeking employment and the one who offers it. If we focus on our sector, and offers that fit our profile is more likely to hire us, on the contrary, if we opt for all kinds of positions, without discrimination, it is likely that we will end up entering into dynamics of interviews and processes without success, but not because of lack of skills and / or experience, but because it is not the right sector.

Promote yourself

You have to leave your comfort zone, and promote yourself in social networks this 2016. A LinkedIn profile is not enough if it is not updated and you are active – Therefore, as if it were a post, share and comment on relevant content, be active in groups related to your area, and share your achievements and those of professionals in your sector.

Keep your knowledge up to date

Catch up on technological advances. If you need to study or learn new concepts make sure you’re doing well. In all sectors, those responsible for selection value some knowledge more than others. Therefore, the key lies in updating your knowledge on what really has value today.

Be a person open to change

People with a mindset open to change are beginning to gain value among HR technicians. Therefore, this 2016 seeks to identify you with the wave of innovation and technological integration. Bet on the development and adapt to the changes that are in your sector.

Size does not matter

If you opt for online presence, and especially on LinkedIn, make sure that companies will not identify a large volume of content without any relevance. Sometimes it is preferable to share only what gives you value and makes you a quality profile. Your connections with other people should enhance what you want your environment to associate with you, everything you do must have a meaning and be connected. Volume is not always the best way.

Learn to manage rejection

The highly qualified profiles are demanded, of course, but this does not mean that the selection technicians leave with the first candidate they find. Apart from the appropriate technical profile you must also have integrated values, protocols, and a certain way of acting. Which may mean that sometimes you fit at the technical level in the profile, but not in all aspects with the company. Do not take that personally.

Position yourself in the top 10 talent for the selectors

Here are ten simple ways to enter the talent lists of the selectors. From that moment, you have to stay in the place, and you have to do it by updating the information they have about you, follow their advice, and maintain contact.