Tips to search for work online

Job portals have become an interesting alternative to select personnel and get jobs, such that 87% of companies seeking professionals nationwide have migrated to the Internet.

Young people between 18 and 35 years of age are those who mainly use these channels. Eight key tips to perform a job search online:

  • Develop a concise resume

Be brief when describing your work and academic experience. It is recommended that your CV does not exceed two pages.

  • Specialize your professional profile

Develop your profile clearly focused on the branch of services or businesses in which you are interested in venturing. Highlight your skills and experience when developing it.

  • Use true information

Honesty when developing your professional profile is very important, especially when looking for work online. Do not invent work or academic information when applying. This can be counterproductive when performing a job interview.

  • Investigate about the company and the post to which you apply

Find out in advance what you can about the position or the company that are of your interest, especially if you have already been selected for an interview. If you have worried about it, your interviewer will know that you are intelligent and willing to learn.

  • Beware of spelling and unnecessary words

Many applicants underestimate spelling mistakes when submitting their curriculum, however, they can be decisive in the selection process. Also, the use of unnecessary words such as “Curriculum vitae” can be frowned upon by recruiters.

  • Take care of your image on the net

Our image is the first letter of introduction to potential employers, especially in the digital world. In that sense, classify the content you publish or share on the Internet. It shows professionalism and clarity at the moment of doing it.

  • Use keywords when conducting the search

The use of keywords related to your work interests allow you to better segment the offers you can find on the network and in different work portals. This will make your search more effective according to your interests.

  • Use mobile applications

Mobile applications are a good option for online search. Job portals such as have these tools that give a great advantage to the applicant: portability. The user can have access to job offers from the place where he is.