Recommendations for finding a job

At present it is possible to increase job opportunities. According to the experts, these are the most powerful tools that help to get a job.

Capture attention with the curriculum

The resume continues to be the main weapon when looking for work. In this media it is necessary that it be simple and concise. Google’s human resources manager, Lazlo Bock, advises using one sheet every 10 years. In addition, it suggests that someone of confidence makes a previous revision to detect misspellings and grammatical errors or of writing. Finally, it is necessary to describe the functions developed in other jobs, but also to include the achievements and goals fulfilled.

Lazlo also states that an important exercise is to adapt the resume to the expectations of the company, that is, prepare customized curriculums for each company that is sent.

Take care of social networks

Most companies have their own online platforms and can make a tracking and verification profiles of social networks.

According to Adecco’s report Search for employment and digital reputation in the 3.0 era, more than 73 percent of HR professionals use these tools to recruit talent. For this reason it is necessary to create profiles in the following networks: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

In the same way it is important that the information that is there has a formal photo and a simple but original description. It is necessary to have updated accounts and make use of these through interactions and conversations that expose personal and professional achievements.

Enlarge the ‘networking’

Networking means maintaining, conserving and expanding the network of contacts. Elena Herger, author of the book Find your work in 12 + 1 steps. Feel a vocation, create your project, affirm that it is necessary to arrange a meeting with two different professionals and generate five contacts in the networks each week, both personal and professional.

Organize a multichannel search

One way to move the resume is through the pages and job seekers.

The curriculum is also delivered physically, however, it is not enough to leave it at the door of the companies, it is necessary to find the person in charge of the area where you would like to work through contacts or networks. Those are the hands in which the resume should fall to increase the chances of success.