Five tips to be successful in your job search

We know that the job search can be a long process in which sometimes the motivation declines. For this reason, we provide you with five key guidelines to have a successful job search.

Know yourself

Understand your strengths and abilities, as well as your main motivations. What are you particularly good at and what drives you to do things right? A firm conscience is important when selling your strengths and finding a position that satisfies your concerns.

Get organized

A successful job search requires strategy and organization. Establish daily and weekly tasks, for example, research well the sector that interests you, discover new companies and contacts that can help you and be informed of the labor market situation.

When you apply for job offers, take note of the time periods and keep track of the requests you have made and the companies with which you have contacted.


The network of contacts helps you a lot to be successful in the job search. Use your contacts to obtain information about new opportunities and, whenever possible, introduce yourself. Ask around and find out about upcoming vacancies and talk to your coworkers / bosses to see if they can recommend you.

In addition, you have the option of signing up for an employment agency / consultancy. The selection consultants have the experience, industry contacts and market knowledge to help you in the right direction.

Check the internet

The Internet offers a large number of channels and opportunities to help your job search. Your CV has to be available on the network and online job boards. Social networks can also be a great resource, so follow the companies of your interest in Twitter and keep your detailed and complete LinkedIn profile. Also, monitor your online presence and check that the security settings and your public profile are intact so as not to deter a possible employer.

Attitude is everything

It is easier said than done, but try to maintain a positive and motivated attitude throughout the job search. In an interview, your personality and attitude will be as valued as your abilities.